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Porcelain Painting Artist


Oranges Tile

Call or email Angie directly at the address to the left. Be ready to supply a description of the artwork desired. Custom tile work for your home requires that you purchase your tiles in advance and supply them to me to be painted. Other pieces of artwork we can supply, paint, and deliver or mail. A 50% deposit is required for work to start and is non-refundable after the work has been started. Balance is due upon completion of artwork along with shipping and handling prior to the artwork being mailed or delivered.

Tiles: for your home run approximately $125 per square foot.
Vases and plates: vary on design and size (generally average is approximately $50 - $195).

All prices are quoted final after discussing your needs so there will be no additional charges or surprises. I am willing to work within your budget and make adjustments; so there are many gift ideas as well as tiles for your home that can be done to fit your ideas and your budget.  Smaller items can be as low as $20. So just call for a price quote anytime.

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