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T h e  p l a c e  w h e r e  y o u  c a n  " I m a g i n e  i t  P a i n t e d ! " 

Angie's gallery presents a sampling of many
of her finest works of art. They include
but are not limited to:

Fine China
Exquisite Vases
Hand-Painted Tile: Still Life & Floral
Jewelry Boxes
Light House Artworks
Hand-Painted Furniture
Decorative Ceramic Tile

Switch Plates

Just remember the possibilities of transforming your room with a beautifully hand-painted porcelain end table or a table with a
hand-painted tile top.
Just "imagine it painted" by Angie Matte at Unique Designs by Matte.

Floral Graphic

Please roll over a thumbnail image below to view a larger image of the piece.

Bird of Paradise Vase

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  • If an item has been sold please keep-in-mind that I can recreate it so that it closely resembles the original piece.
  • Styles of porcelain plates or vases may not be available but the design can be painted on similar pieces of porcelain.
Wild Rose Plate Lavander Plate Pansy Tea Set Boisenberry Tray White Rose Bowl Floral Vase Parrott Tray
Bird of Paradise Vase Lighthouse Tile Peacock Tile Grape Tile Hawaiian Tile Fall Scene Tile Floral Table
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